Infrastructure management outsourcing services

DigitalQ assumes responsibility for managing the customer's IT infrastructure. In some cases this involves transferring the ownership of the customer's IT and personnel assets to DigitalQ.

The relationships are usually based on long-term contracts and delivered on a fixed fee basis.

Specialized Linux and Windows Support Teams
Unlike other support firms where the same tech handles the Linux and Windows support issues, we have separate and dedicated teams for handling Linux and Windows servers.

Improved Operational Service Level
Access to DigitalQ's recognized Quality processes and methodologies, and contracts based on clearly defined service levels

Improved User Satisfaction
Our improvements on services, software functionality and quality ensure higher user satisfaction

Referral Program
Our existing clients can enjoy great discounts and offers by referring DigitalQ to more new clients.

How Organisation can engage our Cloud Assessment Services Team

Organisations looking to either start their cloud- journeys on the right foot or realign their current efforts to meet long-term business objectives should set up a free pre-assessment call with an DigitalQ expert.

We will use templates and questionnaires to guide you through every step of the way, leading up to the start of a formal customized Assessment exercise. To schedule a free pre-assessment, please write to us at