Activities in Application lifecycle

Unique Benefits Outsourcing IT application management allows enterprises to focus on their core business, offering benefits across the business spectrum.

Application management encompasses quite a few activities in the application's lifecycle:

Code maintenance
Minor enhancements and code stabilization (the formal term for bug-fixing) are a critical part of managing an application post-release

Changing market conditions, or in-house policy changes, often necessitate the migration of applications to different platforms, migrate the databases (along with the data) to different databases, change user interfaces, etc.

Sometimes, mere code enhancements or platform migrations do not provide the answer to changing the way an application needs to behave to suit the changing needs of its users. A classical example is the trend towards Web-based models from desktop-based models for applications - a trend that was important enough for Microsoft to develop the .NET platform. Moving towards a Web-based model does not just mean a technology migration or increased security features, but a sea change in the business logic of the application.

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