E-business benefits

Extend the duration of your actual selling time. Expect to double or triple your hours of selling time every day.

Extend your geographic and market reach (i.e. attract new business).

Make it easier for your customers to purchase from you (i.e. faster and cheaper).

This will naturally enable you to retain your existing customers and attract new customers. Get new product information to market instantly and cost effectively.

Questions to ask yourself

If your enterprise had an e-business facility that was far better than your competitors then would marketing this news deliver benefits and increase customer’s perceptions?

Is e-business becoming a more important discussion point in sales meetings with prospects and existing customers, perhaps even a deciding / distinguishing factor for your customers where product quality and prices between one or more suppliers are similar?

Are your most important customers starting to, or are already embracing e-business, e-procurement or online marketplaces as part of their own cost cutting exercises?

Does your company wish to build longer term and more personalised customer relationships?

Do you believe internet based ordering for business is here to stay and a vital ingredient of any selling company no matter how big or complex?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then your enterprise may be interested in acquiring the services of DigitalQ. Please call +91-044-22651990 for an informal pre-sale discussion. In most cases you will instantly be able to speak to one of our mature consultants who will be able to provide you with valuable and practical advice based on years of experience.